Increase the Property Value of your Home with these 5 Tips!

No matter what the housing market is doing, it will make no difference to the condition of your home and how it operates.  Your home is usually the most important purchase you will make and the most valuable asset you have.  You'd better take care of it and make sure it is increasing in value rather than going the other direction.

These 5 tips can help get the value of your home to its highest possible level so when or if you go to sell, you can get the most out of this most important investment.

1.  A Home Inspection - For usually less than $500, you can hire a professional, licenced inspector to look your home over thoroughly.  He or she will not only look at the roof, the siding, the windows, etc., they will also look at the mechanicals of the home.  Once reviewed, they can give you input on what needs attention so you can fix those now while the problem may be small as opposed to later when it turns into a bigger, money guzzling problem.  Well worth it.

2.  Paint - You probably immediately sighed with exhaustion at the thought of painting your home.  Don't get exhausted just yet.  Paint is a low-cost makeover of what may be a tired home.  Even if you don't paint it yourself and hire it done, there are a lot of quality painters around that will handle the work for you at usually a more reasonable cost that you might imagine.  Fresh paint provides a great first impression to a potential buyer.  Just keep the colors neutral for that clean, bright feel today's buyers are looking for.

3.  Lower Energy Bills - This ties into the home inspection.  If your windows have drafts, you're heating and cooling the outdoors and letting those cold or hot temperatures to come into the house as well.  Appliances which are older are also using more energy than those that would be purchased today.  Have your electric company send you your usage in comparison to other homes in your area and consider making changes if you have a much higher usage level than others.

4.  Work Outside - Stand across the street from you home and take a good look at what a potential buyer may see.  Do you see tree limbs that are dead?  Do you see shrubs that are out of control?  Does the front door need a new coat of paint?  What about the shutters?  Is the grass patchy and full of weeds?  Taking care of all of these items will make a huge difference in not only what a buyer sees when they drive by, but what they feel the home is worth when they make that all important offer.

5.  Modernize the Kitchen and Bathroom - This one can be a bit pricey depending upon what you need to do, but the return on your investment is there so it makes it worth it.  You don't have to go "magazine" on these rooms, but you do need to provide surfaces and fixtures today's buyer expects.  Use quality materials for counters, sink and cabinets for sure.  Changing the lighting can make a huge difference as well.  Changing out the kitchen faucet or cabinet handles is a small, low-budget fix that actually can have a big impact.  Shop around for the deals on materials if you will be doing it yourself and if you need to hire it done, shop around for handymen or remodling companies too.

No matter what you do, keep your home in good working order.  A broken house is definitely not worth as much as a house that works.